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Monday, February 6, 2017
Notice from the Governor
The College Park “ Moose Call “ will no longer be mailed to every member of the lodge and WOTM as a general mailing. We will only use the US MAIL TO SEND IT TO MEMBERS IF THEY PAY $ 10.00 FOR A ONE YEAR TERM. $ 10.00 PER YEAR. The Moose Call will be available on line ( internet )
For all those who have the ability to get it that way. Please send your email address, and or, your $10.00 to the office asap. WE WILL have copies of the Moose Call CALENDAR OF EVENTS, available in the Lobby of the lodge, ( Calendar only ) not the full Moose Call. This change is effective immediately.

Bob Lucian, Governor
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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As we bid another year goodbye and welcome a new one, let’s hope and pray everyone has a better 2017. This includes your Moose Lodge. Hopefully, we can rebound in 2017 and have a great membership year with attendance at our functions and in our Social Quarters. We need the support of our membership in all phases of our Family Center.
As we approach the end of our Fraternal Year, the Nominating Committee will meet to select our new Board of Officers for the coming year. At the present time, we need two officers and many chairmen. Step up and submit your name for consideration for office. Talk to any of the present officers for details of the offices open. Help us RAISE THE ROOF in the coming year.
Fraternally, Jimmie Cornell, Administrator
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